We are an original Ready-to-wear brand designed in Buenos Aires. Made in Argentina


The creators

In 2001, Camila Milessi and Emiliano Blanco created Kostüme following their inner impulse to do what they liked the most. The Brand was part of a movement that laid the foundations of the independent design in Argentina, developed by the first graduated of the Fashion Design Career in the Buenos Aires University. The resignification of elements of architecture, films, music and the artistic avant-garde, built a local identity, that grew along more than 40 collections since then. The designers’ own nature impulses them to always move away from the comfort zone. That is the basis of the evolution of the brand.



Kostüme understands the power of synthesis. Each collection is inspired by a universe of multiple references: from a trip to Berlin, to Juergen Teller´s work, passing through Stanley Kubrick’s cinema or the Manchester scene in the late 80’s, because, like designers say, “you always go back to whatever moves you”. 

Between abstraction and the real product is a thinking method that traduces that universe into pieces of clothing and accessories of pure and functional lines. From studying the body in movement, the brand adopts characteristics of sports clothing independent of its use. Collections resist the passing of time, being able to show a contemporary spirit without responding to temporary trends.

“Kostüme is a statement about the present and future of fashion as a position to the world. Dressing up is not only covering our bodies, but about transmitting a message which one con identify with” says designer Camila Milessi.



Shape comes after functionality, and less is more, are two of the principles that articulate Kostüme’s lines of products. To men and womenswear –which accepts identities that are outside the gender binary- they add shoes, glasses and limited edition accessories such as purses, bags and contemporary jewelry. Denim has been present since their beginnings, and it is shown in capsule collections that are complementary to the usual lines. Deconstruction of traditional typologies, adjusting systems and sporty elements are some of the resources that can be appreciated in dresses, pants, tops, swimming suits, shirts, coats and other. Not only these resources allow the clothes to adapt naturally to people’s bodies, the clothes can mutate according to the user’s everyday needs: from day to night, feminine to masculine, dress to jacket, mono to pant. The search for a simple look lies on a palette where monochrome reigns, in addition of orange, yellow and silver, depending on each season. 


“Beyond the spirit of the Brand, its history and intellectual honesty, what defines a sale is the product itself, The basic relationship is the one we establish with the person that uses our clothes. This kind of project is based on passion for what you do. Kostüme is a life project”